Dust Collection Merlot 2005 1.5L

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Introducing the Niel Joubert Dust Collection: a rare find from the depths of our Paarl cellars. Crafted for an American project from the 2005 vintage, these “lost and found” treasures have matured into an exquisite symphony of flavours, with notes of sun-ripened berries, velvety chocolate, and oak nuances. With limited availability, each bottle offers a taste of history – a harmonious journey through time. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of our legacy. Indulge in the Dust Collection: where past meets present, and every sip tells a story.

Each bottle is elegantly encased in a stunning gift box, enhancing the allure of this rare find. But it’s not just about the exterior beauty – the Dust Collection embraces authenticity in every detail. The dust, a testament to the passage of time, has been deliberately preserved on the bottle’s surface. This touch of history adds an extra layer of authenticity, reminding you of the decades these wines patiently waited in our cellars. As you run your fingers over the fine layer of dust, you’ll connect with the rich heritage and unique story encapsulated within each bottle. Unbox an experience that transcends mere wine – it’s a tangible piece of the past, a collector’s item that embodies the essence of Niel Joubert Wines.

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