Message from Niel Joubert Estate Wines

Dear friends,

As we all struggle to find ways of dealing with and getting accustomed to this unusual way of living under national lockdown – and the limitations this poses on our lives,  we must realise the vital importance of this, which is to save our loved ones, the people of our country and eradicate the virus. We fully support our President and the nations efforts, and thus as a “Brand family” we encourage all others to do the same.

As you may have heard, during the next few weeks of lockdown, the sale and distribution of wine (all alcohol) is prohibited. Sadly, this deals us yet another blow on top of the fact that we have had to close business entirely. However, we wish to remind you that although the cogs of business have sadly grinded to a halt for now, we, the heart of the Niel Joubert Wines will remain here, and are thus with you in spirit none the less.

During this time, we will remain online, so please feel free to communicate with us, or email us should you have any concerns or enquiries. We will also post updates on our website and on social media with regard to wine sales & distribution and any other business as things develop.

We thank you for your support and we look forward to celebrating with you once we get through the eye of this storm. Together we will #flattenthecurve, stay home, stay safe and let’s do this!

Best regards and wishes of good health in your homes.

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